About MacNeil Benefits

Who We Are

We are SLM Group Consultants Ltd., an independent, full-service employee benefits consulting firm. We design, implement and provide ongoing service of employee benefits and retirement programs for companies of all sizes.

Formed in 1994 by S. Laurie MacNeil, we are headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. We have based our business on building many long-term client relationships. We couple our expertise in benefits management with the highest level of customer service. Simply put, our knowledge and dedication to client service makes benefit plan concerns disappear for employers and their employees.

What We Do

At SLM Group Consultants, our specialty is setting up and servicing employee benefit programs for companies of all sizes. As your trusted partner, we assist clients in attracting and retaining the best employees by providing benefit packages of exceptional value.

We use our preferred and exclusive arrangements with top insurance carriers to provide the most competitive pricing for our clients. We are proud of our reputation in providing the highest level of customer service. We serve as the advocate for plan sponsors and the members by resolving problems and concerns relating to claims and any aspect of plan administration.

What Makes Us Different

  • Benefits are our primary focus. We strictly specialize in benefits plans and aren’t selling other services.
  • No extra fees or charges.
  • Access to innovative products.
  • Proactive approach and excellent customer service.
  • Looking out for the company and employees' best interest to get a plan suitable to your needs.



MacNeil Benefits is a preferred Senior Partner with Group Health Benefit Solutions.

As a senior partner we have access to cutting edge benefits and advanced plan administration technology.

Our Team



Laurie MacNeil is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of our company. He joined the Employee Benefits industry straight out of university. Prior to establishing SLM Group Consultants, he served in senior management positions with a major North American insurer and a large national brokerage and consulting firm. Working with both sides of the industry has given Laurie a significant level of experience and expertise in all areas of effective Benefits management. This has enabled him to develop strong, long term relationships with insurers and clients.




Dave joined the family business in January 2006. Since then he has worked diligently to expand his base of knowledge in the field of employee benefits. He has also established strong relationships with clients built on trust. He approaches all clients and prospects from the point of view of what he feels is in their best interests based on their needs.   

In 2012, Dave summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro with Summits of Hope and raised $10,000 for BC Chldren's Hospital.  He returned for another climb, Mt. Everest Base Camp, in November 2014. When not travelling to new destinations, Dave is active in sports and fitness. He is also a devoted husband and father to his daughter and son. 



Jennifer has been working with her family in the business since 2010.  Her main goal and focus is client care.  She puts herself in other’s shoes when handling issues and is driven by the genuine care she feels for people.  Jennifer is relentless when it comes to getting the results that she thinks is best for her clients. 

In October of 2014, Jennifer helped the rescue organization “Thank Dog I am Out” and Wings of Rescue in the rescue of over 140 dogs from Southern California.  She handled all of the applications and ensured the dogs were going into loving and healthy homes.  She plans to be involved in more animal rescues in the years to come.

Jennifer’s other passions involve travelling, exercising and spending time with her friends and family.




With over 12 years experience working in Employee Benefits, Carrie has been a Senior Account Manager since 2004. Prior to joining SLM Group Consultants, Carrie’s experience working for a national insurance brokerage firm and large insurance company has made her an expert in managing group plans for clients of all sizes. She is licensed across Canada and skillfully handles multi-location employers. Passionate, ambitious and enthusiastic, Carrie’s focus at SLM Group Consultants is growth and expansion under the mentorship of Laurie MacNeil.




Julie has been in the group benefits industry since 2003 and earned her GBA in 2005. She has been an Account Manager for 6 years and her main focus and expertise is in customer service. Julie has 3 sons, a wonderful loving husband, a rescue dog and two cats. She is passionate about cooking, the Bee Gees and travelling.



Employee Benefits Consultants
Insurance & Financial Services

We are an independent, full-service employee benefits consulting firm. Coupling our expertise in benefits management with the highest level of customer service, we design, implement and provide ongoing service of employee benefits and retirement programs.


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