Account Management

At MacNeil Benefits, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent, hands-on client service and management. We encourage our clients to contact us directly to discuss or correct any issues that may arise. Also, we ask employees to get in touch with us should they have any claims issues with the insurance company.

We also try our best to keep clients informed as to their current claims experience so we may prepare them for which direction the renewal may go as far as rates are concerned. 

Please note - we do not charge any extra fees for our ongoing advice or service throughout the year.  


Employee Benefits Consultants
Insurance & Financial Services

We are an independent, full-service employee benefits consulting firm. Coupling our expertise in benefits management with the highest level of customer service, we design, implement and provide ongoing service of employee benefits and retirement programs.


Suite 240, 11780 Hammersmith Way
Richmond, BC
V7A 5E9


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